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Our Approach & What To Expect

Gentle & Effective

Our patients are commited to their families, they work hard, they are passionate about their hobbies and sports, they have a lot of people that rely on them. some point they became disconneted from these things because of pain or ill health.

Our purpose is to help keep people connected to the activities they love and the people they love to be with.


Results That Make A Difference

Our patients breathe easier knowing that they have someone that they can trust to help them regain their health.

They feel supported and cared for by an expert team, and that takes a lot of weight off their shoulders.

Our patients feel more in control of their health.

They learn what they can do for themselves to help their problem. They become more confident in themselves and their ability to engage with life.

Our patients become more aware of their spinal health and overall health.

And they use that awareness to make healthy decisions throughout their lives. They often make creative changes on their own, as they gain an understanding of their problem.

Our patients get excited about their health.

As they regain function and freedom they are often inspired to make other big changes in their lives.

Our patients enjoy their favorite activities again.

Because they are more comfortable and have a more dependable spine, they can more fully engage in the activities they love to do.


What You Can Expect

Depending on you and your bodies ability to change, you can expect to feel relief from pain, improved flexibility, and less tension.  You can expect to get re-connected with the activities you love and the people you love to be with. You can expect to feel listened to, respected, and cared for.  You can expect to feel in control of your healthcare choices.  And you can expect to feel supported in whatever way we can.

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Who We Work With

  • Waddling expectant moms who feel like their baby is pulling every part of their body out of alignment.
  • Parents who carry their kid on their hip all day.
  • Athletes who have annoying, recurrent injuries that keep them out of the game or performing at their best.
  • Kids who slouch in a school desk all day, then come home and slouch on a couch all evening.
  • Mom’s who give everything to their family & need to find some balance in their lives.
  • Desk athletes who sit in a desk all day, barely moving, barely breathing & now their neck and shoulders are so stiff and sore that they are getting headaches and can’t concentrate on their work.
  • People who are so overwhelmed with work, stress, and relationships that their bodies are breaking down and they can no longer manage their everyday activities.
  • People who used to be able to touch their toes.
  • People who are having trouble turning their head in their car to check their blind spot.
  • Weekend golfers who woke up the day after 18 holes & can’t get out of bed.
  • People who were in a car accident and didn’t feel anything at first but are now stiff & sore, have trouble lifting their head off their pillow, and can’t sit very long without needing to get up and move around.
  • People who can no longer keep up with their kids.
  • People who spend more time on an ice pack than in the gym.
  • People who are tired during their workday because they don’t sleep well at night.
  • People who are afraid to exercise, because they think they will hurt more than they already do.
  • People who want to stay more active than their parents did.
  • People who have been to multiple doctors and haven’t found a reliable strategy to help them with their problem.
  • People who want to take control of their health & do as much as they can to stay healthy and happy throughout their lives.