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Some of Our Patient Stories

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On The Job Injury

I originally came into Summit Family Chiropractic for intense low back pain which began as a result of an on the job injury. The pain was so intense that it was hard to walk and I could not even lie on the adjusting table. The pain was worse than labor pains!

Under Dr. Misty's care I am feeling so much better. I can almost dance again!  I not only have less pain and better posture, but I have a positive outlook and have made wonderful friends.

I love the staff. They have made this a wonderful experience, and I would and do recommend them to everyone I know! They are wonderful!

pam k

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Skeptical of Gentle Adjustments

I have had lower back and neck pains for the past 30+ years and I have been going for chiropractic treatments for about as long. I finally decided to try the gentle treatment that Summit Family Chiropractic offers.

I must admit that at first, I was not sure of the effectiveness of their gentle technique as I have been used to manual manipulations. However, the treatments that I have received have provided the best results that I have experienced.  It really works! I am feeling great again after a long time of putting up with pain. I also found that having a regular massage also helps.

Both doctors are upbeat, respectful and informative.  Office staff has likewise been very cordial and respectful. I am glad that I found them.

Ann K. Feb 2011

chiropractor lynnwood

More Energy & Better Health

When I first came in both of my hips were hurting.  I have had this pain for approximately the last 5 years since I stopped ballet dancing and after a snowboarding accident.  I had seen another chiropractor and was getting adjusted once a month but it was always a very painful experience.

I feel much better now! I had also been constantly sick and now I have not been sick for months!  I am no longer sick! I have noticed that I have more energy and better posture. I can sit longer now and feel better all over. I have learned that chiropractic care can basically help with just about every ailment!

Nicole A.

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Feeling 10 Times Better

It was my low back pain originally brought me into Summit Family Chiropractic. This had pain began towards the end of high school and had not improved.

Now after chiropractic care I feel 10 times better than I did before!!! I also some unexpected results as I had jaw pain, which has relieved since starting care!!

Carl T.

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Amazing Results For Chronic Pain

I have been a patient at Summit Family Chiropractic since they opened. I had never considered going to a chiropractor because I did not think that they could do anything for my aches and pains my lessened flexibility that developed as I aged.  I was unable to put my socks on in the morning because of hip pain. I had taken medications, altered my activities, had my M.D. run tests, that all came back inconclusive, and began to live with “aging”. 

I met Dr. Misty and she talked about posture correction.  Her manor is so gentle and calm that I started asking her questions.  I found that Drs. Misty and Andrew are such open and caring people that I felt comfortable with them and made an appointment for an examination and began care!

Wow, I got amazing results! After a few visits my hip pain was gone and I can put my socks on with no problem! I don't freeze up riding in a car anymore! The best benefit was a complete surprise, I feel more confident! I stand and move with better posture, so I feel sure of myself. It is great!

I can with out without reserve or trepidation recommend Summit Family Chiropractic to anyone who is not moving as well as they would like or as well as they used to.

Patti O.

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Scoliosis Pain

I originally came in to Summit Family Chiropractic because I have scoliosis that began as a child. I had chiropractic care as a teenager after a car accident and the scoliosis didn't really change. After care with Dr. Misty I notice that my back doesn't hurt as much, and I feel like I stand straighter when I used to not have as good as posture.

Trisha W.

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Unexpected Results

Neck and back pain following an injury at work brought me into Summit Family Chiropractic. After being under care the area and intensity of pain has decreased considerably! I also had some lower back pain that was not related to the injury that is now gone.

Scot F.

chiropractor lynnwood

Lower Back Pain Relief For Skeptic

I have always suffered with lower back pains for as long as I could remember. I was quite skeptical of chiropractors because of the negative stories I had heard from others. But when my husband came in with excruciating back pains, I came along. I was invited to sit in with his consultation and began to learn of the medical terminonlogy and reasons why a person's back can have issues.

Dr. Misty answered a lot of the quesions I had. I came in for myself, and she has been adjusting my lower back and shoulders to a point where my lower back ache (chronic) has disipapated immensely.

Thank you Dr. Misty!!

Jennifer F - Feb 2012

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More Stability During Activities

I came in with low back pain and instability, poor posture and various lingering back injuries. Sometimes I was in too much pain to even get out of bed easily. I had taken lots of ibuprofen, which just covered up the pain and tried sit-ups to help balance my core muscle tone.

My lower back feels more stable during everyday activities now after working with Dr. Shannahan. I have learned that there are more conservative, cost-effective and often healthier strategies to treat various health concerns than the traditional physician care.

Matt H.

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More Flexibility & Less Stress

I came into Summit Family Chiropractic with a pulled hamstring. I had tried physical therapy, which wasn't helping.

I feel great now! I feel like I have an increased well-being. I have become more flexible and the stress in my neck and shoulders have been relieved which was unexpected. Dr. Shannahan's advice with supplements has helped my energy level.

Aligning the spine aligns your whole body helping you center yourself physically and mentally.

Wilbur K.